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1st Dibs

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1st Dibs

"The most beautiful things on earth" is the motto of 1st It's an amazing go-to site for the most fabulous antiques, couture, vintage and jewelry.  I am obsessed with the pieces found in the vintage section. Some of the most reputable shops in the the biz including Resurrection and private dealers place their items online. Here's a sampling of some of my favorite pieces. I find it hilarious that to even view the price of the item, you have to click a link and in some cases contact the dealer.  These are museum quality pieces and many of them are already sold:

Thea Porter

This caftan is out of bounds amazing. It reminds me of an Alexander McQueen butterfly caftan I was drooling over recently.


I have a few pieces of hand painted suede but nothing as amazing as this cape jacket. 



Ossie Clark

Norma Kamali

 I scored an OMO fully studded studded bandage maxi skirt at the Manhattan Vintage Show from the lovely Billie Madley. It weighs over five pounds but it's stunning. Kamali is rare in Texas, so whenever I hit up stores in NYC her pieces always catch my eye.

This is an unmarked pieces but holy S*%t it's amazing. Velvet check. Gold metal embroidered birds check. Fox fur shoulders check.

Yves Saint Laurent

What a badass you'd be in this amazing pantsuit. This would be perfect for my trip to Santa Fe this weekend.

All this amazing vintage in one place. If only I could afford it!



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