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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 Paillette Knit Open Sweater $62 SOLD
Snakeskin Gold Detail Belt $36 SOLD

 Rayon Bias Polka Dot Maxi $48 S
Cream Crochet Vest $20 S/M SOLD
Coins n Chains $48

Silky Tiered Ruffle Dress $58 S/M SOLD
Agate Necklace $42 SOLD

 Altered Vision Silk Circle Hem Top $68 S/M SOLD
Metal Leaf Necklace $48 SOLD

Suede Beaded Fringe Jacket $118 SOLD

 Awesome Southwest Knit Poncho $38 O/S SOLD

 Faux Suede Fringe Vest $58 M
70s Pendant Necklace $58

 Crushed Velvet Faux Fur Coat $78 SOLD

 Fancy Lady Baby Doll Mini $68 XS/S SOLD
Givenchy Beaded Chain $58

Insane 80s Leather Pants $88  S/M SOLD

Silver Butterfly Sequin Top $48 SOLD

Awesome Southwest Jacket $48 M

Paisley Sequin Blouse $52 M

Long Crochet Vest $48 SOLD
Metal Leaf Necklace $48

90s Southwest Rayon Mini $48 S/M SOLD
70s Pendant Necklace $58 SOLD

Dark Denim Button Back Dress $48 M
White Beads $42

 Abstract Sea Creature Tunic $28 S SOLD
Agate Necklace $42 SOLD

Perfect Levi's Denim Jacket $38 SOLD

 Polka Dot Bell Sleeve Mini $68 M SOLD
Giant Leaf Necklace $58 SOLD

Hot Iridescent Sequin Mini $42 SOLD
Rhinestone ? Necklace $62 SOLD

Fab Embroidered Birdie Dress $88 M/L SOLD
Beaded Necklace $42

You know the drill!! Call us at 512.912.9779 or email at!! 
And, don't forget our party this Friday!!!


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