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Thursday, November 4, 2010



Awesome Bunny Fur Bomber $128 SOLD

Comfy Woolrich Plaid Jacket $48 M SOLD

Pretty Embroidered Caftan Mini $52
Long Chain $30

 Comfy Plaid Poncho Shawl $38 O/S SOLD
Red Beaded Pendant $68

 Amazing Over-Sized Sweater $78 S/M SOLD
Red Beaded Pendant $68

 Adorable Sheer Paisley Poly Mini $48 S/M SOLD
Snakeskin Belt $22
Gold Chain $42

Gorgeous Embroidered Dirndl $42 S SOLD
Snakeskin Belt $22
Fringe Bib Globe Necklace $88

 Howard Wolf Open Back Cotton Mini $68 S SOLD
Rhinestone Necklace $36 SOLD

Periwinkle Embroidered Oaxacan Mini $58 S/M SOLD
SW Beaded Necklace $78 SOLD

 Adorable Mod Bill Blass for Bond Street Coat $198 M SOLD

Sexy 90s Victor Costa Velvet Dress $68 M SOLD
Tiered Necklace $20

Precious 90s Cotton Maxi Dress $38 S/M SOLD
Red Beaded Pendant $68

Bad Ass Leather Cape Coat $108 M SOLD

Sparkle Zig-Zag Design Bandage Mini $38 SOLD
Red Beaded Pendant $68

 Crazy Animal Print Sequin Jacket $68 M SOLD

 Sexy 90s Knit Mesh Sheer Bandage Mini $48 SOLD
Tiered Necklace $20

 The Most Amazing MINK Coat EVER!!! $348 M SOLD

 90s Floral Rayon Mini $38 S/M
Gold Chains $42 short, $30 long

 Adorable Patchwork Poncho $48 O/S

Awesome 70s Embroidered Ribbon Mini $68 M SOLD
Long Chain $30

Ralph Lauren Blond Buckskin Top $68 M
Southwest Wool Wrap Skirt $42 M SOLD

Super Warm Shearling Long Coat $198 S/M

If you see any goodies that you like, give us a call 
at 512.912.9779 or email at for more information! Or just stop by our store to see ALL of our amazing stock!


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