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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Awesome Tribal Fringe Caftan Mini $38 S/M SOLD
Crazy Abstract Giant Pendant $78

 Amazing Satin High-Waist Cocktail Pants $68 SOLD

Sheer Cotton Tribal Tent Mini $52 M SOLD
Deconstructed Designs by Kelly Young Petal Necklace $140

 Rad Knit Fringe Poncho Tunic $48 O/S SOLD
Twisted Silver Necklace $38

 Over Sized Cozy Knit Sweater $38 M

 Cozy Loose Knit Tunic Sweater $30 M
Sterling Heart Necklace $48

Awesome Escada Tunic Sweater $68 S/M SOLD
Eagle Bolo Tie $22

 Abstract Rayon Fringe Caftan $38 M/L
Beaded Necklace $38

 Crazy Embroidered Levi's $58 30x32 SOLD

 Adorable Neiman Marcus 70s Suede Vest $48 XS/S
Vtg Lady Pendant $42

 High-Waist Leather Hot Pants $48 XS/S SOLD

 Gorgeous 40s Pinafore Dress $68 As Is SOLD

 Bad Ass Lace Up Leather Shorts $52 S

 Rad Fuzzy Southwest Poncho $58 O/S SOLD

 Adorable Tadashi Cocktail Dress $148 S SOLD
Elephant Jungle Necklace $42

 Metallic Indian Cotton Tunic Blouse $48 S As Is SOLD

 FAB Sequin Cinched Waist Blouse $68 SOLD

 Gorgeous Sequin Tunic Blouse $88 M
Vtg Beaded Necklace $42

 Gorgeous Star Print Ruched Indian Cotton Dress $128 XS/S
Deconstructed Designs by Kelly Young Cross Necklace $110

 Beaded Crochet Cocktail Cardigan $38 SOLD
Elephant Jungle Necklace $42

Tiny Leather Bomber Jacket $98 XS SOLD

PONIES Chunky Knit Sweater $38 M SOLD

Email for information:
Call to purchase with Credit Card: 512.912.9779


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