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Friday, February 11, 2011


 Sequin Fringe Dress size S $128 SOLD
Long Chain Necklace $30

 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket size M $98 SOLD

 Brown suede trench coat size M $98 SOLD

 Cream 90s lace mini size S $34 SOLD
Rhinestone grape necklace $68

Batwing tie dye tunic size M $48 SOLD
Giant medallion necklace $78

 Suede acid wash jacket size M $98 SOLD

 Green 60s suede jacket size S $68

 Strapless fruit dress size M $68 SOLD
Whiting and Davis Mesh Bib Necklace $108 SOLD

 Fun sequin jacket size M $48 SOLD

I. Magnin wool jacket size M $68 SOLD

 60s velvet jacket M $58 SOLD

Gold beaded 60s top size M $52 SOLD
Beaded necklace $30

 Wool military jacket size M $88 SOLD

 Issey Miyake Plantation drape jacket size L $88

 Silver metallic cocoon size S $42 SOLD
Locket Necklace $48 SOLD

90s lace maxi dress size S $34 SOLD
Pendant necklace $58

 Swirly sequin dress size M $88 SOLD

Beaded 90s bandage mini size M $68 SOLD

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