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Monday, April 18, 2011


Emilio Pucci Resort 2011 is exactly what I am in the mood for since it is practically summer here already.

Three reasons why I love it:
1. Pucci is one of my favorite vintage designers, and Peter Dundas 
did an amazing job staying true to the feel and style of the brand.
2. I am obsessed with the prints.
3. The last image did me in. I WANT THAT!

 I love me a good scarf!

  I want it all. The caftan, the swim suit, and the squash blossom.

 Very Pucci.

This makes me want to cry because it will never be mine. I am obsessed with fringe detailing right now. Especially ombre fringe. Speaking of stay tuned for my new favorite jewelry designer!!! 
I posted this on my personal blog, Altered Vision, the other day but I thought I'd share it with Feathers!
xoxo, Nikki


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