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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 Adorable 90s Patch Print Mini $48 S/M SOLD
SwinAfaSabe Coral Necklace $100

 Cool Abstract Silk Tunic Mini $48 S/M SOLD
Crazy Doll Necklace $28 SOLD

 Rad April Wine Concert Tee $98 S

 Bad Ass Wings '76 Concert Tee $128 XS/S SOLD

 Fabulous 50s Nina Ricci Cocktail Dress $498 S/M
Beautiful Rhinestone Necklace $78 SOLD

 Unreal 70s Biba Maxi Dress $498 S
Coral Studded Belt $24 SOLD

 Super Rare Biba Dress!!!

 Awesome Embroidered Mirror Animal Mini $48 SOLD
Giant Antler Pendant $48 SOLD

 Rad Andrea Jovine Wool Crochet Fringe Sweater $68 M
Michael Hickey Antler on Rosary Necklace $84 SOLD

 FAB Monteverdi Couture  Silk Floral Mini $228 M SOLD
Woven Leather Belt $24 SOLD

 Amazing Tie Dye Silk Wrap Jacket $98 M SOLD
SwinAfaSabe Coral Fringe Necklace $150

 Adoralbe Crochet Gauzy Cotton Dress $48 M SOLD
Giant Abstract Pendant $68

 Pink Dyed Levi's Cut Offs $30 SOLD

 Precious Scalloped Sheer Mini $48 S/M SOLD
90s Floral Bandage Mini $38 M SOLD
Giant Abstract Pendant $68

 Super Cute 70s Prairie Maxi Dress $88 SOLD
SwinAfaSabe Afghan Pendant and Turquoise $170

Altered Vision Silk Circle Hem Top $68 SOLD
Pretty Beaded Crochet Skirt $42 SOLD
SwinAfaSabe Bone Breastplate $200

 Amazing African Beaded Maxi Dress $88 S/M
SwinAfaSabe Sterling Pendant of Wrapped Cloth $240
Snakeskin Belt $20

Sexy Buckskin Fringe Halter Top $58 SOLD
Colorful Abstract Maxi Skirt $26 SOLD
SwinAfaSabe White Coral Pyrite Necklace $260

Happy Shopping!


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