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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am so glad that fall has finally come to Austin. 
It is my favorite season because I get to pile on the layers. 
So many possibilities!

With that in mind, here are my favorite pieces in the store, 
styled how I would wear them!!
 You know I love me some fun mixed prints!!! You can wear it belted or open!
Fun Army Camo Jacket $26 S/M
Adorable 90s Fall Print Mini $42 M
Ethnic Fringe Necklace $38
SW Woven Belt $20

 I LOVE THIS SWEATER! I think it's the fun drop shape and the colors, and it's kinda weird :)
Crazy Striped Fuzzy Sweater $58 M
Pretty Fringe Silk Scarf $16

 I love this silhouette. Super fitted and straight with the classic denim jacket. Can't go wrong.
Carol Little Metallic Maxi Skirt $30 S/M
Customized Jethro Tull Tee $52 S
Classic Levi's Denim Jacket $48 S
Ax + Apple Horn Necklace $100

 Both of these items are FAB by themselves but sooo good together!
AMAZING Shearling Suede Coat $168 S/M
Pretty 90s Velvet Robe Maxi $62 S/M
Bad Ass Shell Tooth Necklace $88

I feel like this is my new uniform for fall!
 Super Pretty 90s Paisley Blouse $48 S/M
Cool Black Denim Vest $20 M
Rad Afghan Fringe Necklace $58

Um, yes please!! Leather jackets make everything cooler!!
Kick Ass Leather Jacket $68 S
Beautiful Ethnic Print Silk Maxi $98 S/M
Giant Ankh Necklace $62

 This outfit has everything! Mixed prints, layers, and pops of color!!
Pretty 60s Carpet Floral Jacket $58 M
Basic Sheer Black Tunic $38 M
Charcoal Alchemy Sri Yantra Tank $48 S, M. L, XL available
Rad Southwest Shorts $30 S/M
Blue Belt $22, Blue Koi Fish Necklace $52
I think this is my favorite outfit. It's the stripes and the silly New Kids tee!
Hilarious '90 New Kids on the Block Tee $42 S/M
Awesome Striped Shorts (never worn) $24 S/M
Incredible Scarab Necklace $88
Feather Silver Leather Belt $48

 I just can't get over this skirt, it is so fabulous!! 
Classic Levi's Denim Jacket $48 S
Chanel Silk Floral Floaty Skirt $148 XS/S
Classy Lady Tube Top $30 XS/S
Ax + Apple Drapey Necklace $94

Here's another version of the outfit above. Can you tell I love this jacket?
Classic Levi's Denim Jacket $48 S
Simple Black Tube Top $14 XS/S
FAB Macrame Crochet Maxi Skirt $68 XS/S
 Incredible Scarab Necklace $88

 I really want someone to rock this outfit. SUPER HOT take on the business suit :)
Amazing Givenchy Wool Jacket $118 S/M
Crazy Corset Foundation Skirt $38 S/M
Charcoal Alchemy Sri Yantra Tank $48 S, M. L, XL available
 Ax + Apple Long Horn Necklace $108

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As you might have heard, I am leaving for Seattle in a week, so this will be 
my very last post for Feathers. 

I am very excited to take the next step in my life, but I will always be 
incredibly thankful for the opportunity to grow under Masha and Emily. 
You two are amazing and I love you so much! 
I also have to thank all of you for making the past three years so much fun.
I have met the most lovely and beautiful people under this roof. 
Gonna miss you so much!!

xoxo, nikki



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