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Let's Get Dressy

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Get Dressy

 Black 90s babydoll mini $36 S SOLD
Michael Hickey key and cross necklace $80

 Blue lame disco dress $68 M SOLD
Mixed metal stacked squares necklace $42

Neat abstract print fishtail silk dress $78 S SOLD
Braided belt $28 M

Fab silky strappy brushstrokes dress $98 S/M
Mixed metal lion head necklace $38 SOLD
Fab colorful Guatemalan belt $20 M

Fab 1930s pale mint silk slip with tiny hearts detailing $68 S *As Is SOLD
Seaworthy brass plate with drops necklace $68

Mauve maxi halter dress $68 M
Gold coins necklace $48
Chain belt with cross $28


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