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New Arrivals For The New Year: Part 1

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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Arrivals For The New Year: Part 1

 Fab Valentino Polka Dot Dress $228 XS/S SOLD

 Lovely Hot Pink 50s Dress $88 S/M

 Lillie Rubin Pleated Wiggle Mini $128 M/L

Red Sequin Bandage Dress $68 XS/S

Neat Full Skirt Abstract Print Dress $42 M

Fun Ethnic Cotton Tank Top $34 M

Amazing Gold Lame Skirt $58 M

Pretty Silk Escada Blouse $52 S SOLD

Pretty Wine Colored Open Weave Drape Jacket $68 O/S

Fun Woven Long Vest $38 S/M SOLD

Rad Black Sweater With Colorful Tree $42 M

 Patchwork Rabbit Fut Coat $148 S

 Beautiful Caramel Lamb's Fur Coat $128 S SOLD

 Amazing Cream Knit Maxi Sweater $82 S/M

Fab Louis Feraud Velvet Rose Jacket $62 M

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And, stay tuned for Part 2 of our amazing new arrivals!


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