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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We are all drooling over the latest collection from Ax+Apple. Their necklaces have become a staple among all of us Feathers girls. Their ultra interesting but simple designs make their jewelry the perfect accessory that goes with any outfits. Put crystals or a crescent moon on a necklace and we are in love!

Ax+Apple "Diamond Back" necklace $92
Ax+Apple "Keeper" keyhole necklace $76

Ax+Apple "Maya" long gold necklace with coin $108
Ax+Apple "Naja" crescent necklace with pyrite $86

Ax+Apple "Solstice" necklace with quartz crystals $118

 Ax+Apple "Oracle" long necklace with two ring pendants $112
Ax+Apple "Nyx" bronze crescent moon on silver chain $108

Ax+Apple "Patera Bronze" three crescent necklace $104
Ax+Apple "Vesta Bronze" three triangle necklace $104

 Ax+Apple "Patera Steel" three crescent necklace $104
Ax+Apple "Vesta Steel" three triangle necklace $104

Ax+Apple Bronze Ring $50 size 6 
(available in white bronze and classic bronze)

To place an order, give us a call at 512-912-9779 or send us an email to



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