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Just In: Paul Guillemette !!

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Just In: Paul Guillemette !!

Paul Guillemette is an Los Angeles based artist 
who uses recycled wood 
and inlaid resin
 to create one of a kind pieces

Large honey oval necklace $120
Large honey rectangle necklace $110
Red and cream square necklace $80

Large rectangle with triangles necklace $120

Mini half-circle necklace $100
Mini honey brown half-circle necklace $100

Dark brown half-circle $100
Yellow and grey pieces necklace $100

Large half-circle honey necklace $100
Thick red rectangle necklace $90
Mustard and brown square necklace $110

Clear-edged half-circle necklace $100
See-through dagger necklace $110
Rose-gold and honey necklace $100



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