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Skirting The Issue !

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Skirting The Issue !

90's Bongo black denim best $48 S SOLD
Amazing! 50's zigzag and polkadots circle skirt $138 L SOLD
VIA CHRISTA winged muskrat necklace $190

MOSCHINO 90's badass mesh bodysuit $48 S SOLD
90's Native American print skirt $34 S SOLD
ALL FOR THE MOUNTAIN Mandala bolo necklace $230

OMG! The Cure 1984 band tee $68 M SOLD
50's striped circle skirt $98 M
Green stone beaded pendant necklace $48 SOLD

Cream lace studded bustier $24 M SOLD
Pleated lavender 50's circle skirt $78 L
PAMELA LOVE two toned sterling with bronze triangle pendant $275

Rad shredded death metal tee $32 M SOLD
50's Mexican velvet skirt $78 L
PAMELA LOVE silver talon necklace $375

Black crop-top with lace detail $28 M SOLD
The most adorable 50's polkadot skirt ever! $68 S *as is SOLD
Gorgeous gold coins Indian necklace $68 SOLD


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