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Just In: Purse Party Round Two!!!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just In: Purse Party Round Two!!!

Left: LOUIS VUITTON Barrel bag $248
Right: LOUIS VUITTON Doc bag $298 SOLD

Left: DOONY & BOURKE brown doc bag $78
Right: GUCCI classic 70's monogram bag $248 

Left: DOONEY & BOURKE caramel doc bag $78
Right: DOONEY & BOURKE  incredible backpack! (removable straps too) $108

Left: GUCCI Classic 70's monogram wallet $128 SOLD
Right: GUCCI brown monogram wallet $72 SOLD

Left: DOONEY & BOURKE make-up bag $52
Right: DOONEY & BOURKE baby coin purse $38

Left: DOONEY & BOURKE midnight wallet $48
Middle: GUCCI monogram sunglass case $52
Right: DOONEY & BOURKE blue & caramel wallet $48 SOLD

Left: Brown snakeskin wallet $48
Middle: Black eel skin wallet $38
Right: DONEY & BOURKE round coin purse $48

Left: GUCCI monogram wallet $98 
Middle: Maroon snakeskin wallet $42 
Right: DOONEY & BOURKE navy wallet $48

Left: COACH round shoulder bag $68
Right: DOONEY & BOURKE zipper barrel $48

Left: PERRY ELLIS pouch $38
Right: DOONEY & BOURKE  brown wallet $52


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