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Just In: FALLing for these new items !!!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Just In: FALLing for these new items !!!

Alpaca wool dress $68 M

Sheer beige cocktail mini $128 M

Amazing mud cloth jacket $68 M/L

Cute orange suede fringe shorts $58 M

Tan African faces skirt $58 M

Cute orange/black tassel mini $48 *as is 

1940's rayon dress with gold beading $68 *as is 

 1920's silk dress with green embroidery $118 L

Amazing velvet beaded cloak $88 M/L

90's herringbone strap bustier $68 M

Gold flecked drapey jacket $48 S SOLD

UNGARO spotted silk dress $88 M

Best CAROL LITTLE dress ever! $68 M/L

ALBERTO MAKALI checkered jacket $48 S/M

BESSIE silk tunic with rad pattern $88 S

Ombre strapless beaded gown $98 M

Amazing southwestern print pants $48 M

Soft pink mink cape $148 M

Gorgeous 50's pink beaded crop top $88 M/L SOLD

Cool! Geod pattern jacket $48 M 

Indian 70's mirror dress $68 M/L

Vibrant silk draped robe $128 M

KULTUREGEIST masonic top $90 M

Draped emerald maxi jacket $68 M


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