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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Fabulous Sequin Cocktail Mini $82 M
Ax + Apple Silver Beaded Coin Necklace $88
Ax + Apple Crystal Necklace $96

 Awesome Gauzy Cotton Ombre Onezie $88 M SOLD

 Gorgeous Metallic Knit Maxi Dress $68 S/M
Chrissy Bowlby Baby Arm Necklace $80
Blue Rosary $20

UH-Mazing Silk Sequin Tunic Mini $88 SOLD
Pearl Drop Necklace $68

 Lillie Rubin Hand Painted Tiered Caftan Top $98 O/S
Bejeweled Butterfly Necklace $48

 FAB Harlequin Sequin Dress $108 M
Crazy Abstract Necklace $98

 Precious Carol Little Floral Tie Front Tunic $36 S/M SOLD
SwinAfaSabe Crystal Leather Necklace $130

 Adorable 70s Indian Cotton Blouse $48 SOLD
Michael Hickey Antler Tip Necklace $90

Betsey Johnson Punk Label Velvet Maxi $98 S/M
Tiered Abstract Necklace $68 

 Fun Emerald Green Sequin Jacket $68 M
Giant Frog Necklace $98

 Gorgeous 50s Pin Tuck Sheer Dress $58 M SOLS
Via Christa Bat Skull Collage Necklace $170
Black Woven Leather Belt $30 SOLD

 Adorable Ombre Crochet Skirt Dress $48 SOLD
Chrissy Bowlby Baby Leg Necklace $60
Brown Woven Leather Belt $22 SOLD

 Bad Ass Paillette Sequin Tunic $98 M SOLD
SwinAfaSabe Crystal Leather Necklace $120

Nautical Akris Silk Jacket $138 S
Giant Ship Necklace $98

 Insane Embroidered Dashiki Mini $78 S
Kenneth Lane Claw Necklace $148

Gauzy Cotton Crochet Summer Dress $58 S/M SOLD
Via Christa Muskrat Skull Collage Necklace $180
Beaded Southwest Belt $28

 Via Christa Muskrat Skull Collage Necklace $180

 The Best Sequin Tank EVER $88 S
Afghan Pendant Necklace $68

 Gorgeous Metallic Panel Skirt Dress $42 S/M SOLD
Pink Triple Drop Necklace $82
Pink Snakeskin Belt $26 SOLD

Fabulous Tiered Fringe Jacket $78 S/M SOLD
Rhinestone Owl Necklace $30
Pearl Layer Necklace $30

Amazing Embroidered Sequin Silk Dress $68 SOLD
Leather Buckle Belt $48 SOLD

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