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Friday, July 8, 2011


 Here is another round of Feathers Fans!!

 Caroline looks beautiful and fresh in her cream tone outfit
with leopard as the perfect compliment!

 This is one of the coolest dresses I have seen in awhile! 
She instantly caught my eye when she walked in!

Grechen is rockin' my favorite summer trend, the floral maxi
skirt from Winter Kate. Check out her blog here!

 I love Indiana's pairing of the classic chambray top and leather shorts!
I also love her Austin tote from Stag! Check out her blog here!!

Linda's J.Crew blazer is the perfect layering piece for the abstract print
Theory dress. Very classic and chic! Check out her blog here!

 I adore Sydney's outfit! The pop of color with the neutral pairing of the vintage blouse and flower necklace is perfect! Love her Chanel bag too!
Check out her blog here!

 This is an outfit that I wanted to steal off her body! Love all of her neon accents and I actually have her bad ass 90s tee! Such a sweetheart, too!

Not a surprise that I love Tess' outfit. She's got the tie dye, the crystals,
and a bad ass skull necklace of her own design!

And, the best southwest fringe bag EVER!!!  
Tess, is also part of my favorite blogging duo, Holy Ghost

Stay tuned for another round of Feathers Fans! 
Or come stop in and I'll snap your picture!!



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