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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Here are some our most recent favorite Feathers' Fans!!

 Val and Kat are so precious in their shades and mary-janes. 

 Can't not smile with these two! Elise and Buffalo girl, Hannah, are so much fun 
in their creepers! Do I spy ruffle socks? Oh and Ada 'bout stole that jacket off Hannah!

 This is exactly how I am going to rock my denim vest for fall. Thanks Sarah! 
Oh and I want your awesome purse with a pony on it, too!!! And, that eyeball pin.

 Can't leave out the boys...especially when they are as dapper as Trevor. 
I mean come on right?! 

 Last but not least, Mr. Tyler of Via Christa, giving us a lesson in style. 
You've always got the best accessories, T!!

Thanks for letting us snap your pictures ladies and gents!! xoxo, feathers



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