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What Type of Valentine Are You?

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Friday, February 10, 2012

What Type of Valentine Are You?

Whether you are soft and flirty or bold and sexy.. we have fab Valentine's picks for you.
Over 150 amazing new items just hit the racks! Perfect weekend to come shop and see all the new goodies!

Blue draped fringe jacket $78 O/S
Alchemy grey oroborus cut tank $38 L
Pleated silk floral skirt $68 M
Nickle head necklace $28 SOLD
Blue and purple twisty belt $28 M
 Unreal supersoft satin and fur coat $298 M
Fun 80s silk strapless party tunic $78 S
90s slinky zebra print mini $32 S SOLD
Metal fringe necklace $42


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