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Boho Baby!!!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Boho Baby!!!

AX + APPLE Nyx necklace $112
Turquoise snakeskin belt $32 S
Indian cotton baby doll dress $62 L

Embroidered green caftan $62 O/S SOLD
Kuchi coin necklace $98

Vintage bendable metal necklace $38
Gorgeous Guatemalan dress $68 L SOLD
Snakeskin drawstring backpack purse $68 *as is SOLD

SEAWORTHY Aster layers with opals necklace $74
70's dashiki maxi dress $48 L

SEAWORTHY Zand necklace long $58
70s Indian cotton print maxi dress $ 62 M
Black woven belt $28 M

VIA CHRISTA fox jaw layered jar necklace $210
Gorgeous 70's tie-up blouse $58 S/M SOLD
White grommet pencil skirt $34 S

HEYOKA turquoise breastplate necklace $325
Purple ribbon mini-dress $38 S SOLD

Vintage golden box necklace $78 SOLD
Purple leather fringe vest $52 S SOLD
Gold pleated tunic $32 L

Purple and gold fan necklace $48 SOLD
Floral tiered summer dress $48 S/M SOLD

AX+APPLE Naja with pyrite $98 
Lovely gold and blue Gunne Sax dress $78 M

Vintage chiming Indian necklace $42
HEYOKA saddle tan elk leather vest $850 O/S
70's gauzy cream maxi dress $68 M

PAUL GUILLEMETTE large half circle necklace $100
Cream embroidered top $38 M SOLD
Orange scalloped 60's mini $48 S

SEAWORTHY Horizon Line necklace $64 SOLD
70's pink disco/prairie mini $48 M SOLD


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