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Just In: Fine Print!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just In: Fine Print!

SEAWORTHY "deco spear" necklace $78
Sheer "horse in motion" blouse $58 L SOLD
Lime green abstract skirt $42 M

Turquoise embellished bolo $82
ESCADA silk cowboys blouse $68 M SOLD
Leaping cowboys wrap skirt $38 S/M

VIA CHRISTA "pointed rosary"  $72 SOLD
Funny faces silk blouse $38 S SOLD
90's navy patterned skirt $36 S SOLD
Wooden buckle belt $36 O/S SOLD

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS "chevron" necklace $120
YSL silk tunic mini $188 M
DIOR green snakeskin belt $48 S

Kuchi green necklace $68
90's silk printed blouse $34 M
90's mini broomstick skirt $38 S


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