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Just In: Random Goodies Part Deux !

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Just In: Random Goodies Part Deux !

Red ARMANI zigzag blouse $68 L

60's acid-trip cut-out mini $58 M SOLD

90's halter floral mini dress $38 S

Floral 50's cotton dress $98 M SOLD

60's floral babydoll mini $62 S

60's blue brocade dress $98 S

Turquoise Indian cotton dress $168 M/L SOLD

Amazing white cotton beaded bandage dress $98 L

Cream crochet tank dress $78 S SOLD

60's cream cut-out mini $58 L

Cream crochet top  $48 S

60's sparkle maxi skirt $48 M

Blue and gold stars shoulder jacket $42 M SOLD

Gorgeous Indian cotton dress $168 M/L

Black lace LAUNDRY dress $78 M


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