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Just In: New Seaworthy!!!

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Just In: New Seaworthy!!!

SEAWORTHY "Kambut" earrings $68

SEAWORTHY "Circle Tower" earrings (small) $42
SEAWORTHY "Circle Tower" earrings (large) $52

SEAWORTHY "Oval Hoops $44
SEAWORTHY "Rectangle Tower" hoops $50

SEAWORTHY "Opalite" earrings $52

SEAWORTHY "Diosa" posts $64

SEAWORTHY "Linoag" posts $64

SEAWORTHY "Rectangle Tower" posts $46

SEAWORTHY "Kambut" necklace in turquoise $68 SOLD
SEAWORTHY "Kambut" necklace in chartreuse $68

SEAWORTHY "Ikat" necklace in chartreuse $58 SOLD

SEAWORTHY "Linoag" necklace large $74
SEAWORTHY "Linoag" necklace small $64

SEAWORTHY "Double Opalite" necklace $82

SEAWORTHY "Third Eye Rosary" necklace $84

SEAWORTHY "Points Intersect" necklace $68

SEAWORTHY "Horizon Line" necklace $62
SEAWORTHY "Horizon Line" necklace $62

SEAWORTHY "Alkali" necklace $58
SEAWORTHY "Single Opalite" necklace $78

SEAWORTHY "Deco Step" bangle $40 each
SEAWORTHY "Where You Go" necklace $48


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