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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I LOVE this store. I want to put it in my pocket and bring it to Austin. Court is a must-stop spot on Mulberry in New York. They carry some amazing clothing and accessory lines such as Pamela Love, Bliss Lau, Grey Ant, Kill City and Mink Pink in addition to some stellar vintage. We gave them a visit last week and Masha and I each purchased some jewelry. 

You'd be smiling if you were in here too!

Check out that Pamela Love leather and metal necklace! The entire piece has adjustable snaps so you can wear it different lengths. I also really love the Grey Ant glasses. 

If you're into body jewelry they have some great pieces like this one from Trivium. 

One of those mannequins looks familiar.

I finally scored the Pamela Love dagger rosary necklace I've been wanting forever. 

How amazing is the dressing room wallpaper?

If you're in town, pay these lovely ladies a visit. They are also opening another location at 8th and Driggs in Williamsburg.



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