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Monday, January 25, 2010


I am always a sucker for animals in fashion editorials. However,
I am not a huge fan of snakes in live form,in truth, I am petrified
of them. But, the use of snakes in these images does not bother me. 
The added texture and movement is very interesting.

This image is sort of like Where's Waldo, but I like how you have to hunt 
to find the model, and how the Alexander McQueen platforms are the
focal point of the whole image. Still, Raquel, you are a brave woman.
Wonder if any of them are fake?


These images of Anja Rubik by Knoepfel & Indlekofer for Vogue Paris are amazing. Again, the snakes add that extra element.

This portrait of German actress Nastassja Kinski by Richard Avedon is a personal favorite and the first photo I ever saw that I liked with a live snake. 

However, I would have screamed like a little girl when the snake 
kissed my ear.

xo, nikki

Friday, January 22, 2010

Women with style...Martha Graham

I came into the fashion world through the world of dance. I began in dancing in '84 and when I had knee surgery in '01, I decided if I couldn't be a dancer anymore, I'd at least dress them. My major changed to Costume Design. Martha Graham was always one of my favorite modern dance choreographers with her melodramatic pieces and fabulous mise en scene. Her choreography is hard on the body but is so beautiful and expressive. She has trademarked her style and her company still uses the same choreography, costumes and sets. Even the leads must style their hair the way she did. She collaborated with artist Isamu Noguchi for amazing sets and Oscar de la Renta for costumes when she was not designing them herself. She was into drapey Grecian style pieces that allowed her to create interesting shapes with her body.

The long circle skirt was one of her signature styles, being accented by lots of grande battements and penches.

This picture is from one of my favorite pieces, Lamentation. The entire piece she is seated creating angular mournful movements inside the fabric creating some amazing silhouettes. She was always known for creating amazing shapes with her body and her costume.

Here are some great examples of Noguchi's set design for Martha:

Martha was often the lead in her productions and the male dancers were much younger than her and dressed in scantily-clad costumes. I wouldn't mind dancing opposite her husband who was 15 years younger!

What an amazing creative force.


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Wood Nymphs




All vintage clothes provided by Feathers!

Styling/Wardrobe: Nikki Cloud
Photography/Post Process: Dagny Piasecki
Lighting Tech: Jean-Phillipe Martin
Models: Emma Hefti and Kelly Young
MUA: Laura Kaululaau
Hair: Natalie Morgan

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Check out a small sampling of today's new pieces! If you have amazing vintage or new designer goodies you no longer wear, come sell them at Feathers! We offer 30% of the retail price in cash or 50% in trade.
Call us at 512.912.9779 to make an appointment!

Greek metallic mini size medium $62 and giant butterfly necklace $68

Suede and leather 80s jacket size medium $58 and high waisted leather belt $36

Zig-zag knit poncho size medium $28

Wool zip up poncho size medium $38 SOLD

Hooded bordeaux bunny bomber size small $98 SOLD

Carmel bunny bomber size medium $98 SOLD

Hooded southwest wool toggle coat size medium $52 SOLD

Leopard print wrap coat size medium $92

Check back for more updates on Austin's finest vintage!

Sunday, January 10, 2010




Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester




Jean Paul Gaultier

Rick Owens


Sigh...I love it all. xoxo, Nikki

Monday, January 4, 2010


Ladies! We are back and starting 2010 with great new finds in the store. As always, let us know if anything strikes your fancy and we'll gladly ship it to you. Check back often for more updates on Austin's finest vintage!

Silk floral mini size medium $68 SOLD and suede fringe belt $14 SOLD

Plaid party dress size small $58 SOLD and heart locket $18

Striped scarf $14, pink gauze tunic size medium $42, patchwork belt $24 and bandage skirt size small $22 SOLD

Amazing peacock caftan size medium $58 SOLD

HOT Budweiser bandage mini size small $48

Missoni wrap sweater size small $98 SOLD

Pierre Cardin dress size medium $68 SOLD, leopard necklace $28 and 70s leather belt $38
Dress SOLD

Crochet mini dress size small $32 SOLD, choker $28 and woven belt $30

Floral mini dress size small $48 SOLD and Jersey Bean lace necklace $48

Turquoise dolly mini size small $58 and snake belt $16

Adorable floral mini dress size small $36

Embroidered mini dress size medium $58 SOLD and owl necklace $28 SOLD 

Black lace tunic size medium $30 SOLD and clear rosary $30 SOLD 

Ox blood boots size 8 1/2 $62 SOLD and Frye cowboy boots size 7 1/2 $148 SOLD

Lace up riding boots size 8 $68 SOLD and leopard print hat $58 SOLD

Frye shearling boots size 10 $148 SOLD and floppy black hat $48