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Feathers Boutique

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Feathers featured in this month's Nylon magazine!!


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Bad Ass Dead Stock Motorcycle Jacket $198 XS SOLD

Amazing Sequin Blazer $98 S/M
Gold Necklace $30

 Colorful Long Cosby Sweater $28 S/M SOLD
SW Beaded Necklace $36

Adorable Smocked Cotton Dress $38 S/M
Snakeskin Belt $22

 Rad Rabbit Fur Leather Jacket $78 SOLD

 Amazing Multi-Color Rabbit Coat $188 S/M SOLD

 Leopard Leather Tunic $48 M SOLD
Native Bird Necklace $78 SOLD

INSANE Colorful Fox Vest $198 SOLD

 Southwest Buffalo Blanket Vest $36 S/M

Embroidered Sequin Blouse $30 SOLD
Via Christa Hawk Talon $140

Adorable Leaf Cotton Dress $58 M
Leather and Gold Detail Belt $34
Gold Leaf Necklace $58

Awesome Beaded Fringe Wool Jacket $98 S/M SOLD

 Embroidered Guatemalan Jacket $68 M/L SOLD
 Hot Pink Sailor Button Pea Coat $88 S

 Gorgeous Rusched Silk Cocktail Dress $98 XS
Gold Necklace $30

Tie Dye Corset Bustier $48 SOLD
Oscar de la Renta Taffeta Maxi Skirt $88 S/M SOLD
Blue Rosary $24

Asymmetrical Pleated Linen Silk Jacket $118 M/LM SOLD

HOT Peach Suede Bandage Mini $78 S SOLD
Via Christa Hawk Talon Necklace $140

Thick Knit Woven Jacket $68 S

 Bright Lined Tunic Mini $58 S/M
Hilarious Pearl Tie Necklace $30 SOLD

Adorable 70s Calico Tunic $26 SOLD
Native Bird Necklace $78 SOLD

Shearling Suede 70s Jacket $68 XS SOLD

Crazy Pleated Embroidered Mini $52 S/M
Southwest Canvas Belt $20

Amazing Rabbit Coat with Fur Trim Hood $118 S SOLD

Precious Striped Space Dye Sweater $34 XS/S SOLD

Insane Ikat Guatemalan Maxi Dress $88 M/L
Southwest Beaded Necklace $36

50s Bouquet Floral Cotton Dress $88 S SOLD
Gold Necklace $30

Cross Stitch Embroidered Maxi Dress $78 M SOLD
Blue Rosary $24

90s Silk Tunic Mini $48 S/M SOLD
Agate Necklace $42 SOLD

Baby Blue Shearling Suede Jacket $98

FAB Dior Wool Blazer $68 SOLD
Hilarious Pearl Tie Necklace $30 SOLD

If you are interested in any of these Uh-mazing items, give us a call at
512.912.9779 or email at And remember, this is
just a small portion of the items we are putting out all weekend in the store!
So stop by soon!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Bubble Gum Gingham Wool Coat $ 68 S

Awesome Sequin Tunic Mini $88 S/M SOLD
Rhinestone ? Necklace $62 SOLD

Giant Butterfly Rayon Caftan $68 S/M SOLD
Long Chain $30

Velvet Marabou Feather Sweater $48 S/M SOLD

 Neon Navajo Print Fringe Vest $24 S/M SOLD
Painted Long Chain $30 SOLD

Tiny Velvet Halter Babydoll Mini $52 XS SOLD
Rhinestone Necklace $30

90s Rayon Mirror Fringe Top $22 M SOLD
 Pearls $38 SOLD

Amazing Sequin Cocktail Jacket $48 M SOLD

Long Crochet Web Vest $28 S SOLD
Giant Leaf Necklace $58 SOLD

 Gorgeous Sequin Leopard Bandage Mini $68 S
Long Chain $30

70s Fringe Paisley Caftan $38 M/L SOLD
Giant Leaf Necklace $58 SOLD

Rad 90s Paisley Rayon Maxi $38 M
Agate Necklace $42

Burberry Inspired Print Poncho $34 O/S SOLD
Long Chain $30

 Precious Hooded Toggle Moon Caplet $98 SOLD

 Leather Sailor Collar Patch Jacket $128 M (as is)

Warm Mink Shawl w/ Pockets $108 O/S SOLD
Pearls $38 SOLD

 Peach Lace Bolero w/ Mink Cuffs $48 SOLD
Chains $30

Amazing 40s Tiered Ruffle Dress $52 S/M (as is) SOLD
Woven Belt w/ Buckle in Back $58 SOLD
Diamond Shape Necklace $28 SOLD

Forest Green Embroidered Huipil $48 M
Long Chain $30

Gorgeous 40s Eyelet Crochet Collar Dress $78 S SOLD

Hilarious Sequin Zip Up Jacket $52 M/L

Rad Electric Pendleton Wool Jacket $48 M SOLD

If you are interested in any items seen on the blog, call 512.912.9779 or email
at for more information! AND, we will be putting
out a ton of new merchandise in the store tomorrow, so stop in and get first dibs!