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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Too much of a good thing

Santa Fe is home to some fabulous shopping. On my trip last week I went to Double Take three times. Double Take is a giant two story shop carrying amazing second hand and vintage clothing, jewelry and furniture. I have never bought so many pieces for myself in one place. Ever. The prices range from bargain to over the top depending on what you're looking for. If you're ever visiting this is a MUST. Just make sure you have all afternoon to see everything. 

This is one of the many cases of insane turquoise jewelry. A good squash blossom necklace can set you back two thousand dollars. 

Where do you start with these silver cuffs? There's so many amazing choices.

I found several Afghani pieces from this case but wanted to buy everything. I asked if they had anything Egyptian and scored and Eye of Horus cuff and a hieroglyphic silk scarf.

The "Ranch" section of the store has hundreds of beautiful cowboy boots, fringe jackets, native garments and buck skin galore. I found an incredible deer skin fringe vest.

This is the Encore section of the store which has amazing classic vintage. They have a great selection of designer bags, beautiful furs, and oh do I love the poncho section. I found a beautiful silk kimono, tie-dye harem onesie, eyeball print open blouse and some lace up boots. My mom's at the register buying a Thai embroidered jacket in her new Pendleton coat.

I bought an embroidered vest from this rack of beautiful Guatemalan huipils. 

I really wish this North Beach leather jacket was my size.

Can't wait to go back next time. My mother has a second home there so who wants to road trip?? Other fabulous stores to visit are Shalako (previously blogged), Rainbow Man, Native Jackets and Santa Fe Dry Goods.


First Thursday tomorrow!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Santa Fe has some serious jewelry

More pics from my favorite shopping spot in Santa Fe coming soon.

Just some of my new treasures.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Low Luv x Erin Wasson

So Erin Wasson came into Feathers recently and I missed her, but Emily said she was decked out in badass Egyptian revival jewelry, so I looked her up and found that she has a relatively new line called Low Luv.  The collection is super cool and raw and I really like it.  There are several pieces available on Shopbop and here are my favorites:

This bone bracelet is delicate but tough.

I love this simple gold cross.

Neato hieroglyphic ring.

My favorite!  It comes in silver too.

Best of all, these pieces are all under $99!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010



So I give you permission to freak out! These shoes are amazing!
There are a very limited amount available so 
come get em while they last!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Zooey...

UPDATE:  So sad but she did not come in. It is probably for the 
best because I would have made a fool of myself.

On the upside, Chloe Sevigny came in!!! OMG I KNOW!
She is as cool as she looks in the mags. 

SXSW madness!

Ladies! We have AMAZING pieces going out all day long every day for SXSW so stop in and say hello. We've spent months gathering the best of the best and now it's out. We'll return to regular posts once the mayhem's over. Hope everyone's enjoying spring break!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feathers own Nikki Cloud on the Urban Outfitters blog!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In the closet...

I recently moved and now have the closet I've always wanted. I love how just by moving the same items into a new space, everything can seem new and fresh again. I just did a major closet clean out and spent a lot of time organizing and appreciating some of my favorite items. I've been collecting platforms for years and they are all over my house in lieu of tchotchkes. Here are some of the more "unwearable" ones with staggering heights of 5 inches or more.

These purple suede platforms are perfection.  The only reason I don't wear them is because I don't own anything light purple.

Snake skin wedges Masha got for me in LA.

These donut wedges are called Leapin' Lizards!! Yes, the exclamation points are even in the logo.

I love these navy suede platforms but man I'm afraid of a Naomi Campbell-Vivienne Westwood kinda moment in them.

Have you ever seen kelly green suede platforms?

Fetish black mary janes.  Not walkable AT ALL!

I scored these at a thrift store years ago and it was an out of body experience. They are Korean and are some sort of quilted Chanel-Westwood-goth-pilgrim bootie hybrid. Jeffrey Campbell please manufacture these!

These Prada suede cut-out platforms are so beautiful and delicate. Now that it's spring, they'll come out to play soon.

These red leather wedges are Cherokee and have an interesting shape. I think I could manage these for a few hours with some disco pants or leather leggings.

Shoes are works of art, and practical or not, are my favorite part of my closet. 


Monday, March 8, 2010

The 20's

It's difficult for me to choose a favorite decade in fashion.  Each decade is unique in its own way.  For me, the 1920's really stand out because of the gorgeous bead work that went in to many of the silk dresses.  I'm also partial to anything Deco.  We just got this dress in and I think it is a beautiful example of 20's beading!



This dress has a tag in it that says made in France.  I would say it is in good condition and might need a few reinforcements on the straps to be in wearable condition. It is $398. If you are interested in looking at more fabulous examples of 1920's/Edwardian/Victorian fashion, go to


UPDATE!! This dress has sold!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

YSL, Pucci, Maud Frizon and so much more!!

If you see anything you like and live out of town, we'll ship it to you!!

Green cowboy boots size 8 1/2 $98 and dingo cowboy boots size 7 1/2 $78

Kiltie ropers size 6 $58 and Maud Frizon woven heels size 7 $98

Black Coach bag $68 and disco platforms size 9 $58

Lucite mules size 7 1/2 $52 and ox blood booties size 7 1/2 $88 SOLD

Purple snake clutch $68 and Gucci studded sandals $98

Metallic Indian tent dress size medium $88 SOLD

Black and white Indian gauze dress size large $108 SOLD

One shoulder leaf column dress size small $82

Horse print suede fringe collar $52 and Via Christa talon chain $160

Ossie Clark style crepe skirt size x-small $98

Beaded mesh tank size small $28 and Via Christa chains $220

Alexa Chung style mini size small $48 and Jersey Bean lace necklace $48

Buttery soft leather jacket size medium $72 and pendant necklace $30

Rainbow swirl top $18 and leather belt $20

Yves Saint Laurent silk mini size medium $168

Butterfly lace tunic size small $48

Emilio Pucci leaf print top size small $148

Green gauze dress size small $58, Via Christa skull necklace $160 and long necklace $38

Aztec print fringe poncho $34

Country sundress size small $38 and tassle necklace $30

Brown mink cape $98

Floral suede zip up poncho $68