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Feathers Boutique

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Bedazzled Corset Tutu Ultra Mini $128 SOLD

FAB Bell Sleeve Mink Cape $224 M SOLD

Bronze Metallic Ruched Cocktail Dress $78 M
Mixed Metal Necklace $68

60s Ostrich Feather Bow Mini (Back Shown) $62 SOLD

Rad Barbara Barbara Origami Top $128 SOLD

Pretty Two-Tone Piping Poly Maxi $68 S
Suede Snake Print Belt $48 SOLD
Deconstructed by Kelly Young Petal Necklace $140

Tribal Rayon Open Jacket $28 M SOLD

Sheer Top Open Weave Dress $88 SOLD
Gold n Suede Belt $22

Adorable 50s Cotton Paisley Dress $88 S
Deconstructed by Kelly Young Antique Key Necklace $80

Rad Grey Fox Fur Vest $108 S (As Is) SOLD
Sheer Lace Maxi Skirt $48 S/M SOLD
Corset Stretch Belt $20 SOLD

Amazing 50s Metallic Cocktail Dress $168 S/M (As Is)
Coin Stretch Belt $20

Gorgeous Eyelet Cotton Maxi Dress $88 S
Deconstructed by Kelly Young Body Chain $260

 Crazy Patchwork Jacket Handmade in Mexico $68 S/M

Awesome Web Open Back Mini (Back Shown) $62 XS/S SOLD
Matching Belt Included

Electric Sequin Open Weave Top $58 S/M SOLD
Silver Drape Chains $42 SOLD

Adorable 90s Abstract Tank Mini $38 S
Beaded Necklace $38

Amazing 70s Missoni for I.Magnin Sweater $128 S/M SOLD

90s Bias Drop Waist Maxi Dress $58 S/M
Deconstructed by Kelly Young Victorian Drawer Pull Necklace $110

Colorful Striped Knit Sweater Mini $42 S/M SOLD
Michael Hickey Antler Tip Necklace $76

Crazy 60s Neon Pleated Caftan $58 O/S
Giant Beaded Cross $48

Rare Buckskin Vest w/ Carved Antler Buttons $88 (As Is) SOLD

Over-Sized Southwest Blanket Jacket $58 M/L

Insane Mint Macrame Maxi Vest $128 SOLD
Vintage Beaded Necklace $42

Precious Crochet Tiered Dress $48 XS/S 
Vintage Beaded Pendant $38

Awesome 90s Patchwork Cotton Dress $58 S/M
Mixed Metal Chains $68

Adorable 70s Knit Sweater w/ Sash $48 S/M SOLD

Precious Pastel Tent Dress $38 S
Woven Belt $20

Striped Drapey Knit Sweater $48 S/M SOLD
SW Beaded Necklace $30

70s Space Dyed Sweater w/ Sash $48 S/M SOLD

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Monday, November 29, 2010


Stay tuned tomorrow for pics of new merchandise! Or, just stop by the 
store to check out all of our amazing new items from clothing to 
shoes to NEW jewels from our jewelry designers: 
Chrissy Bowlby, Michael Hickey, Ax + Apple and Jules Marie


The wait is almost over!!! Join us for the MOSS Grand Opening Party!!!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


 Metallic Diane Fred Silk Top $58 M SOLD
Gold Chain $42

Fall Striped Bandage Maxi $36 S SOLD
Michael Hickey Antler Necklace $76

 Iridescent 40s Inspired Dress $42 SOLD
Black Willow Sharks Tooth Necklace $158

 Neon Leaf Baby Doll Mini $42 S
Cotton Fringe Scarf $16

 70s Stretch Velvet Jacket $42 M SOLD
Chains $30

 Fun Southwest Knit Vest $38 M SOLD
Michael Hickey Cross + Key Necklace $76

 Comfy Over Sized Knit Sweater $28 M SOLD
Pearls n Chains $30 SOLD

 Guatemalan Embroidered Jacket $48 M
Jingle Tassel Necklace $48

 Awesome Suede Woven Double Breasted Sweater $88 M SOLD

Neon Open Knit Sweater $18 S
Abstract Wool Maxi Skirt $38 SOLD

 Elephant Rayon Indian Tank Maxi $38 S/M SOLD
Beaded Necklace $38

 90s Crochet Knit Bandage Dress $42 S/M SOLD
Polka Dot Garter Corset $30 S
"Its Only Money" Velvet Belt $32

 Beaded Scalloped Sequin Top $38 M SOLD

 Insane Buckskin Petal Hem Dress $98 S

 Adorable Cotton Plaid Jacket $30 S/M

Fringe Southwest Woven Vest $32 M SOLD

 Neutral Aztec Dude Scarf Poncho $36 O/S SOLD

 Zig-Zag Quilted Back Jacket $68 M/L
Michael Hickey Rosary + Antler Necklace $90

 Reworked Shaved Rabbit Fur Vest $128 M SOLD

 Blonde Double Breasted Trench Coat $68 XS/S

 Peach Linen 90s Tank Maxi $48 SOLD
Raw Cotton Fringe Sweater $36 M
Woven Colette Belt $58
Michael Hickey Antler Necklace $76

 Fabulous Coral Double Breasted Trench Coat $88 S

Hand Dyed Cotton Bustier $32
The Best Southwest Wrap Skirt $42 S/M SOLD
Beaded Necklace $38

Stars Knit Sweater Dress $38 S/M SOLD
Ax + Apple Pocket Knife Necklace $112

If you are interested in any items on the blog, contact us 
at or call at 512.912.9779 to purchase over the phone or for questions!!