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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We Love You Too Kelly!

Maybe it is because Valentine's Day is around the corner but we are definitely feeling the love around here at Feathers! 
One of our favorite shoppers and online bloggers, Kelly Framel from The Glamourai, recently mentioned us in an article with Check out all of her favorite spots from the Sunday Girl profile. 
We <3 Kelly!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Get Dressy

 Black 90s babydoll mini $36 S SOLD
Michael Hickey key and cross necklace $80

 Blue lame disco dress $68 M SOLD
Mixed metal stacked squares necklace $42

Neat abstract print fishtail silk dress $78 S SOLD
Braided belt $28 M

Fab silky strappy brushstrokes dress $98 S/M
Mixed metal lion head necklace $38 SOLD
Fab colorful Guatemalan belt $20 M

Fab 1930s pale mint silk slip with tiny hearts detailing $68 S *As Is SOLD
Seaworthy brass plate with drops necklace $68

Mauve maxi halter dress $68 M
Gold coins necklace $48
Chain belt with cross $28

Friday, January 27, 2012

Court Restocked!

Court high waisted black bells just restocked! We already sold out once so get here before they are gone. We have sizes 25 to 31. Put them on and you will understand why we are all so obsessed!!

New Adina Mills Rings To Die For

This is the latest batch of rings from the talented Adina Mills. Each ring is one of a kind set in a hand painted epoxy polymer band. These beauties are a piece wearable art.
Back Row Left to Right:
1. Green calcite $124 Size 7
2. Peacock pyrite (large) $116 Size 6.5
3. Quartz $104 Size 7
4. Yellow and black quartz $144 Size 8 SOLD
5. Peacock pyrite (small) $88 Size 7.5 SOLD
6. Rosasite $156 Size 7.5

Front Row Left to Right:
7. Barite $144 Size 6
8. Bimuth $144 Size 7
9. Rosasite $156 Size 7.5
10. Pyrite $116 Size 6.5 SOLD
11. Pink flourite $148 Size 7.5 SOLD
12. Arkansas Quartz (large) $104 Size 7
Emily's Picks:
Right hand:
 5. Peacock Pyrite (small) $88 Size 7.5 SOLD
 10. Pyrite $116 Size 6.5 SOLD
Left hand:
 4. Yellow and black quartz $144 Size 8 SOLD
 8. Bimuth $144 Size 7
To order, give us a call at 512.912.9779 or send us an email at
** All ring sizes are approximate



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cut It Out!

From Alchemy Tees to our own altered vintage creations, we can't get enough of crop tops, circle hems, and fishtails. 
Here are a few our favorites in the store right now:

90s floral crop top $24 S SOLD
Fun purple and black fishtail skirt $42 S SOLD
Gorgeous cast metal and stone necklace $88 SOLD

 90s pink and black floral fishtail dress $48 S/M SOLD
Maroon suede belt $20 M/L SOLD
Long cross necklace $28

 Brightly colored abstract leotard $18 S SOLD
Crazy cats fishtail skirt $52 M/L
Seaworthy sliding scales necklace $72

 Silk animal print cut out top $52 L SOLD
The cutest brown leather skirt with pockets $48 M/L
Long leather tiny pouch necklace $42

Brown and black shoulder cut out top $52 L SOLD
Taupe belt with leaf closure $20 SOLD
To purchase, give us a call at 512.912.9779 or email us at
Check out the "Shopping The Blog" tab for more information

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Tall &The Short Of It

Insane brocade boots with leather and snake $148 Size 6.5 Sold!
Black and gold metallic boots $88 Size 7

Green leather and suede tall boots $138 Size 8.5 SOLD
Metallic studded boots $128 Size 9 

Top headed clockwise:
Harlequin primary colors patchwork booties $48 Size 6 SOLD
White short zip up booties $88 Size 9
Navy suede booties with embroidery $88 Size 7.5
Green, red, and black short boots $78 Size 8
Metallic woven moccasins $88 Size 10

Monday, January 23, 2012

Accessorizing with Gucci

 90s Express rayon top $22 L SOLD
Red silk fishtail skirt $38 S SOLD
Long gold necklace $42
Multicolor woven belt $36 M/L
Brown 80s Gucci purse with stripes $178

Pretty 70s bell sleeve mini dress $88 S SOLD
Fab Chinese Pendant $68 SOLD
Cream Gucci purse with twisted strap $148 SOLD

 Black 90s velvet bustier top $38 S SOLD
Cream crochet vest $24 S SOLD
Classic 50s patio skirt $48 S/M
Red vintage Navajo necklace $58 SOLD
Black and white skinny belt $28 S/M SOLD
Black Gucci woven front purse with toggle $158 SOLD

Silk Indian crop top $30 XXS
Jewel tone Louis Feraud skirt $48 S
Multicolor wood bead necklace $68 SOLD
Judith Leiber Belt $68 S/M
Brown 80s Gucci structured purse $198

 90s chevron mini dress $42 XS SOLD
Electric blue mesh hoodie $38 M SOLD
Black bead and metal square necklace $42 SOLD
Navy Gucci Purse with horsebit hardware $198

 Fab black leather maxi vest with fox fur collar $198 L SOLD
1990s Calvin Klein minimalist leather dress $228 S SOLD
Black beaded twist necklace with hammered gold $38
Gorgeous Cream Gucci clutch $298 SOLD

For ordering information, check out the "Shopping The Blog" tab at the top of the page.     512.912.9779


Feathers on

Feathers is featured on!
Read the full article and check out all the other amazing vintage stores across the US HERE.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feathers now carrying COURT DENIM!!!

We are SO excited to be carrying our friend's denim line COURT DENIM!
The fit is super high waisted and the fabrics are so soft and comfortable.
They are flattering on the bum and lengthen the leg.
What's not to LOVE!?

 High waist bell in RAIN
Sizes 25-32

High waist bell in BLACK
Sizes 25-32

High waist skinny in MAGIC
Sizes 25-32

Come get 'em while they last gals!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Of Our Favs From Alchemy

 Custom horus falcon rose linen tank $48 L
Rope and tassel necklace $28
Custom horus falcon blush linen tank $48 L
Multi metal bendable vintage necklace $38

Horus falcon navy linen tank $48 L
Multi color beaded necklace $42
Horus falcon red tank $38 S,M,L
Vintage owl pendant necklace $36

Horus falcon baseball tee $58 XS, XL
 Small bendable vintage necklace $30

 Hamsa blue tank $38 S,M,L
Hieroglyphics pendant necklace $38 SOLD

Sri yantra red tank $38 S,M,L
 Vintage carved pendant necklace $54 SOLD
Sri yantra blue tank $38 S,M,L
Long gold and white swirls necklace $42

The horus falcon charcoal linen tank and the Ajna linen tanks are back in stock with sizes small through large! 
Check out additional styles from Alchemy also available here!!


Rebecca Frazier Feature

Jewelry designer Rebecca Frazier was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal's latest fashion story.
Check out the Bone Horn necklace in the article below or click here for to read the full story!

Like what you see? Here are the latest one of a kind pieces from Rebecca:
 L to R:
Elk tip on vintage sterling chain $100
Emu top nail on sterling chain $100
Boar tusk on sterling chain $110 *Featured in the Wall Street Journal SOLD

L to R:
Petrified walrus tooth on sterling chain $90 SOLD
Baley claw on oxidized sterling chain $50
Camel tooth on sterling chain $70

Check out the Shopping The Blog tab at the top of the page for information on how to purchase from the blog

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Monday, January 16, 2012

What Alex Wore: Shop Girl

Fab 50s pink prom dress $188 S
Amazing fluffy lamb coat $268 L
Vintage Dodgers glasses $20 SOLD

Yellow houndstooth jacket $38 M/L SOLD
90s Todd Oldham blouse $58 S/M
Suede miniskirt $68 M
Vintage Sunnies $18 SOLD
Jeffrey Campbell fuchsia jaguar loafer $60 Size 6,9 SOLD

Amazing Asian silk robe $228 M
60s fringe dress $68 XS
Leather hands belt $58 SOLD
Leather horse bag $58 SOLD
Rad Zodiac boots $148 Size 10 SOLD

 Red and white 60s poncho $38 O/S
Sheer black lace skirt $38 S/M
Red petal hat $20 SOLD
Leather fringe bag $36
Bad ass black studded boots $118 Size 9.5 

Check out the Shopping The Blog tab at the top of the page for information on how to purchase from the blog