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Feathers Boutique

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What Alex Wore: It's A Breeze

Kuchi draping necklace $68 
 Black and pink lace bustier $24 M
80's heart studded belt $42 M
90's floral maxi skirt $34 M
Rad 80's leather hobo bag $52 SOLD
OMG ! Black cut-out wedges $68 sz 7 1/2

Chinese print silk lace-up top $24 M SOLD
Silk white flawy skirt $42 S SOLD
Silver Kuchi necklace $78 SOLD
DOLCE VITA "Gina" in petal suede $198 sz 6-10

Gorgeous draping DIOR gold belt $120 M
Amazing fully beaded silk gown $120 M
Gold and black stripy heels $36 sz 8 1/2

Cute crochet bikini top $28 M SOLD
Picasso-esque 50's circle skirt $88 M
White leather western belt $24 M
Red flouncy crinoline (under skirt) $48 M
DOONEY & BOURKE little black pouch purse $48
DOLCE VITA "Magg" in black leather $188 sz 6 1/2, 7 1/2

Amazing 84' biker tee $48 S SOLD
Brown leather shorts $58 M SOLD
Amazing VARON top-handle bag $88
DOLCE VITA "Magg" in black leather $188 sz 6 1/2, 7 1/2

Gorgeous beaded and dangling crosses necklace $68
Zigzag-hem lace crop top $24 M SOLD
COURT DENIM Black high waisted skinny jeans $110 sz 26-31available
Perfect DOONEY & BOURKE backpack new with tags! $198
DOLCE VITA "Magg" in black leather $188 sz 6.5, 7.5 


Monday, July 30, 2012

Just In: Random Goodies Part Deux !

Red ARMANI zigzag blouse $68 L

60's acid-trip cut-out mini $58 M SOLD

90's halter floral mini dress $38 S

Floral 50's cotton dress $98 M SOLD

60's floral babydoll mini $62 S

60's blue brocade dress $98 S

Turquoise Indian cotton dress $168 M/L SOLD

Amazing white cotton beaded bandage dress $98 L

Cream crochet tank dress $78 S SOLD

60's cream cut-out mini $58 L

Cream crochet top  $48 S

60's sparkle maxi skirt $48 M

Blue and gold stars shoulder jacket $42 M SOLD

Gorgeous Indian cotton dress $168 M/L

Black lace LAUNDRY dress $78 M

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mallory's Top 5 Picks!

Top handle patchwork bag $88, python clutch $88

Jeffrey Campbell "Piper" boots $248

60s acid trip mini $58 M/L

Pamela Love Rings!! 
back row (left to right): bronze with silver $205, silver with bronze $275, bronze with chrysoprase $250. front row: tribal spike ring $275 

80s black studded romper $58 S/M SOLD

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just In: Random Goodies!!

AKRIS bow-button silk jacket $42 M

40's floral blouse $48 S

70's Seashell summer dress $48 M

50's cut-out shirtwaist dress $52 L SOLD

50's floral dress with jacket $138 M

Cutest prairie dress EVER!! $72 S

Indian embroidered  mirror vest $58 M

Sheer beaded maxi vest $48 M

Amazing Picasso-esque 50's circle skirt $88 M

Fantastic 60's embroidered vest $98 L

If  you see anything you like please email us at 
or call us at 512-912-9779!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Alex Wore: In The Dollhouse!

Adorable 50's black and white bow dress $58 S/M
Dooney & Bourke doctor bag $98
1940s black and cream pumps $58 sz 8 1/2

Amazing 1920s 2 piece pleated dress $88 S/M
Southwestern tote bag $48
1940s black and cream pumps $58 sz 8 1/2

Kuchi chiming necklace $68
Amazing cupcake prom dress $158
Gorgeous 1920's mesh coin purse $198

NATURE OWL "stamped brass chevron" necklace $70
30's peach beaded blouse $68 S SOLD
Leaping cowboys Western skirt $38 M
DOONEY & BOURKE doc bag $78
1940s black and cream pumps $58  sz 8 1/2

Large disc pendent necklace $42
50's dusty rose lace dress $68 M SOLD
Dark brown woven leather belt $28 S, M
90's COACH black leather satchel $68
1940s black and cream pumps $58 sz 8 1/2

Kuchi blue dangling necklace $68 SOLD
Gorgeous beaded blue vest $42 M SOLD
Cream snakeskin belt $36 S
White crinoline skirt $58 M SOLD
GUCCI fab! black shoulder bag $168
1940s black and cream pumps $58 sz 8 1/2

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Designer Alert: Native Owl Jewelry

Trapezoid cutout necklace $80
Crescent with howlite bullets necklace $60, Diamond and arrow hinge necklace $80

Inverted triangle with bone necklace $70, Howlite trio necklace $60
 Sacred owl necklace $96, Tibetan pendant with inlay turquoise $80,

Sacred moon necklace $88
Stamped brass chevron necklace $70

Ladder bone with howlite necklace $60
Bullet with howlite necklace $44

Stamped trapezoid necklace $80
Trio chevron hinge necklace $80

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alex's Top Five Picks !!

Cute railroad stripe overalls $48 M SOLD

Pop art print silk scarf $22 SOLD

Gold lame hot pants SERIOUSLY AWESOME! $42 M

Bronze YSL pumps $68 sz 7 1/2

Leather and snakeskin fringe bomber $88 L